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DalyBeth ReasonerDalyBeth Reasoner, MSCP
Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Therapist Dimensions (Me)

  1. Caring- Sincere interest in your best interest. Authentic warmth, concern, respect and supportive.
  2. Directive- Actively providing specific suggestions for change. The role of teacher, coach and motivator. I work with you to make sense of your experiences and emotions by exploring your thoughts, images, and feelings.
  3. Creative- I am able to meet your individual needs by using a diverse set of theoretical techniques and resources. I provide a high level of energy both physical and psychological to maintain the flow of positive energy.
  4. Self-Aware My awareness of my own identity, culture, goals, motivations, needs, limitations, strengths and values.
  5. Culturally Sensitive- Genuinely respecting the differences instead of relying on stereotypes and generalizations.
  6. Active Listener- Ability to pay attention to cotent, body posture, gesture, breathing patterns, language, voice and facial expressions. To focus on determining congruency level between what is said and behavior. Providing clarification and identifying key underlying issues.

Bio : I have lived in Florida, New York, Holland and Hawaii for the past 25 years. I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology and have been working in this field for over 15 years. My experience includes Kahi Mohala (psychiatric hospital), Child Protective Services, Individual and Family Therapy for Department of Health, School counselor for the Department of Education and Adjunct Professor for Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade and University of Hawaii for the past 10 years.

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