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Education and Work Experience - Dalybeth Reasoner

I have been a psychotherapist and Psychology University Instructor for the past 23 years. My private practice has evolved into a holistic psychological and spiritual approach to healing. I incorporate Positive Psychology with tools such as past life regressions, psychic mediumship and Ho'oponopono. I can assist you to live in alignment  with your true purpose, heal past traumas and manifest you hopes and dreams.  As a Life Coach, I can help you live the life you imagined by utilizing the science of happiness and health to fulfill your unique potential, increase positive emotions, feel engaged in life, improve relationships, create meaning and achieve your goals. 

Experience: I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology  and my experience includes working at Kahi Mohala Psychiatric Hospital, Child and Family Services,  Department of Health, Department of Education and Psychology Instructor for Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University, University of Hawaii and Arizona College. 

Therapist Dimensions:

  • Caring: Sincere interest in your wellbeing, authentic warmth, concern, respect and supportive

  • Directive: Actively providing specific suggestions for change. The role of teacher, life coach, and motivator

  • Creative: Meet your individual needs by using a diverse set of techniques and resources

  • Energetic: Maintain flow and high level of positive energy

  • Culturally Sensitive: Genuine respect for differences

  • Active Listener: Validating and unconditional positive regard.

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